FullHD HDMI Video Capture Device


USB3.0 HDMI Video Capture Device

MonsterX U3.0R is a USB3.0 based video capture device which allows user to connect their HDMI devices(HD set-top box(STB), Blu-ray player, game console such as PS4,PS3,XBox One and Wii U) and preview them on their PC.

Model Name:SK-MVXU3R
USB3.0 windows7 windows8 windows10 HDMI Lossless recording Still image capture HDMI PASS through out
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1920×1080p (60FPS progressive resolution supported)

Make complete use of the latest USB3.0 bandwidth to transfer full rate and uncompressed HD video minimizing latency.
MonsterX U3.0R fully compliant with Microsoft DirectShow. And Combined with compressionless transfer, lossless AVI recording also is made possible. In addition a wide range of third party applications can be used to is directly control MonsterX U3.0R. (e,g, Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder-, Ustream Producer-,Xsplit-)
With the included HDMI pass-through port you are able to connect to your existing entertainment system(LCD TV, mixer) and to your PC at the same time. HDMI data streaming to your entertainment system will remain uninterrupted while previewing/capturing video on your PC.

- USB2.0 interface is not supported.
- USB3.0 with data throughput of 300MB/s or more is required. (Intel- or Renasas(NEC)- USB3.0 chipset is highly recommended due it's reliable throughput)
- USB3.0 chipset from Etron-, FrescoLogic- and VIA- are not recommended. (A tests have shown that the data throughput has been below recommended requirements.)
- When throughput falls below 300MB/s, there is no guarantee that 1080p60 video will be transferable.

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