MonsterHD 264  SDK Kit

MonsterHD 264 is USB-connectable H.264 hardware-encode video caputure with HD capture of muximum 1920x1080p.
It is equipped with HDMI, Composite, S Video and Component which enables to take in videos from various equipments.


SDK (Software Development Kit)     Price: Contact us

  System Requirement

・CPU: :Intel Core i5 Processor 2.4GHz or more (when 1080p)
/ Intel Core 2Duo Processor 2.4GHz or more (when 720p)
・Memory: more than 1GB (more than 2GB is recommended)

・Development OS supported: Windows XP(SP2 or newer, 32-bit), Vista (32-bit/64-bit)/ 7 (32-bit/64-bit)

・Development requirement: Visual Studio 2005 or newer version
・PC hardware spec: See HERE


  SDK Content (excerpt)

・API Documentation (PDF)

・Sample Application binary and source code (Compilable in VS2008)

・Middleware binary files


  Implementable Features

・Live audio/video preview from 480i/480p/720p/1080i source
・Video preview settings
-Brightness/Contrast and other color control
-Auto-source input and resolution detection
-Copy protection detection
・H.264 encode setting
-Profile, bit-rate, output resolution, et
・AAC encoding settings
-Basic playback of recorded file (Play, pause, stop)
・Transcode MPEG2 to H.264/MP4


Please contact us to inquire about network delivery


  Filter Diagram



  Function List (excerpt)
 Capture functions
  InitCapture :Initialize capture
FinalCapture :Quit capture
GetVSyncCount :Retrieve video frequency
IsSync :Check video synchronization
IsCopyProtected :Check copy protection
IsDevice :Check device connection
SendEOS :Send End Of Stream
SetVideoMediaType :Set video media type
SaveVideoMediaType :Save video media type
LoadVideoMediaType :Load video media type
SetCaptureOut :Set capture out
SetMuxer :Set MP4 multiplexer
SetEncodeMode : Set H.264 encoding Mode
SetCaptureParameter :Set H.264 capture parameter
GetStillImage :Get still image

 Graph Control Functions
  Open :Build capture graph
Open :Build play graph
Close :Destroy graph
Run : Start Capture/ Play
Seek :Skip current playing video
Record :Start recording
CloseRecord :Stop recording
IsReconnectionNecessary :Check necessity of reconnection
ReconnectMuxer :Reconnect MP4 multiplexer
ReconnectVideoRenderer :Reconnect video renderer
GetPosition :Get current position of stream
GetDuration :Detect duration of file
AddFilter :Add filter
Connect :Connect filter
Disconnect :Disconnect filter
Remove :Remove filter
Step :Skip
GetGraphBuilder :Get GraphBuilder interface
GetCaptureFilter :Retrieve capture filter

 Preview Management Functions

SetVideoWindow :Set video-window handler
SetWindowPosition :Set window position
GetSourceSize :Format input source and detect resolution

SetH264Decoder :Set AVC/H.264 decoder
SetAACDecoder :Set AAC decoder

 Color Adjustment Functions

GetContrast :Get contrast
SetContrast :Set contrast
GetSaturation :Get saturation
SetSaturation :Set saturation
GetBrightness :Get brightness
SetBrightness :Set brightness
GetHue :Get hue
SetHue :Set hue
GetDNREnabled :Get DNR enabled
SetDNREnabled :Set DNR enabled
GetLumaPeakingGain :Get luminance peak gain
SetLumaPeakingGain :Set luminance peak gain
GetLumaAGC :Get luminance AGC
SetLumaAGC :Set luminance AGC
GetLumaGain :Get luminance gain
SetLumaGain :Set luminance gain
GetChromaAGC :Get chroma AGC
SetChromaAGC :Set chroma AGC
GetChromaGain :Get chroma gain
SetChromaGain :Set chroma gain
GetAGCTargetLevelEnabled :Get AGC target level enabled
SetAGCTargetLevelEnabled :Set AGC target level enabled
GetAGCTargetLevel :Get AGC target level
SetAGCTargetLevel :Set AGC target level

 Volume Management Functions

SetVolume :Set volume
GetVolume :Get volume
Mute :Set mute

 Transcode Functions

in preparation


  Hardware Specification

・Overall Size: 155 x 120 x 30 (mm)

・Weight: about 220g

・Power Source:USB bus power

・Video Input:Composite / S Video / Component (YPbPr) RCA / HDMI

・Audio Input:Stereo RCA/HDMI



  Functional Specification

・Video Compression Format: H.264

・Audio Compression Format::AAC

・Maximun Resolution:1920x1080

・Profile: Baseline/Main/High

・Frame Rate: 15~30fps


・Audio Bit-rate: 64~384kbps

・Audio Sampling: 48KHz

・Output-file Format: MP4

・Color Adjustment:Contrast / Brightness / Hue

・Output-file Format: MP4
・HDMI-input Resolution: 1920x1080 30p, 1920x1080 24p, 1920x1080 60i, 1280x720 60p, 720x480 60p


To inquire about this SDK, please contact us.


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