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4KM15615.6-in. 4K LCD Monitor
SK-4KM 156

Space-saving LCD monitor adopting a high-definition 4K IPS panel Despite its small 15.6-inch size, this compact monitor offers high definition of 3840 × 2160 dots and a refresh rate of 4,000 inches per second (4K IPS), beautifully displaying pixel-rich images even in limited spaces.

MonsterXXUSB3.0 HDMI Video Capture Unit
MonsterX U3.0R SDK (Software Development Kit)

MonsterX U3.0R is a USB3.0 based video capture device which allows user to connect their HDMI devices(HD settop box, bluray player, game device) and preview them on their PC.

MonsterXXFull HD Video Capture 1920x1080p 60fps
MonsterXX SDK (Software Development Kit)

MonsterXX is a PCI-Express (x4) video capture card that is capable of previewing and capturing AVCHD camera and latest HiVision camera that can output full HD resolution with progressive 60 framerate.

MonsterX-LiveHDMI Input/USB 2.0 HD video broadcast kit
Up to 1080p60 input & 720p60 broadcast output
MonsterX-Live For OEM, customization and bulk order deals

MonsterX-Live is basically a portable video capture device that accepts HDMI and stereo audio jack input and output MJPEG video via USB2.0.

MonsterTV PH-GTRUSB-connectable H.264 Hardware-encode
Video Caputure
MonsterHD 264 SDK (Software Development Kit)

MonsterHD 264 is USB-connectable H.264 hardware-encode video caputure with HD capture of maximum 1920x1080p.
It is equipped with HDMI, Composite, S Video and Component which enables to take in videos from various equipments.

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