Gentle on babies and pets Fragrance free anti-bacterial air refresher

PROPRE has been born.

Photocatalyst (Titanium dioxide), a component of PROPRE, generates positively charged energy when receiving the intensity of light. The positively charged energy is able to decompose organic matter (bacteria, viruses, the causes of smell) from powerful anti-oxidant behavior. The unstable organic matter will be reduced to carbon dioxide and water producing a number of actions including purifying the air, sterilizing, refreshing the air.

PROPRE works 24 hours a day.

The effect is three times or more the effect of conventional products.
  • Sterilization / Antibacterial

    Removes E coli.,Staphylococcus
    aureus and salmonella

  • Decomposition of toxic

    Decomposes acetaldehyde and molds,
    a measure for sick building syndrome

  • Air refreshing

    Decomposes and removes cigarette
    and ammonia smells

PROPRE effects can last up to two weeks.

Chlorine dioxide and alcohol, etc.

PROPRE new photocatalysis technology  ( the feature of the new type of visible light activity photocatalyst-What is the difference between this and the conventional type ? )

It was said that conventional photocatalysts need ultraviolet rays that have a wavelength under 400nm.
PROPRE can have wavelengths up to 570nm.
We succeeded in including titanium dioxide which generates an effect with the energy of fluorescence and LED light.
We succeeded in developing a safe anti-bacterial air refresher even in dark rooms.

It can be used in any stores with lots of customers and for anyone who operates a facility.

  • Restaurants

  • supermarkets

  • convenience stores

  • toilets

  • wet sponges and
      dusters at the cashier

  • classrooms and
      tutorial classes, etc.

  • the walls of the
      smoking rooms

  • hospitals, etc.

  • pet shops

  • transportation
      (train, bus, taxi)

  • hotels
  • commercial facilities
  • nursing homes
  • nursing care facilities
  • dispensing pharmacies
  • schools
  • kindergartens
  • child daycares
  • hair salons
  • company offices
  • karaoke stores
  • Looking for an authentic sanitizer.
  • Looking for an anti-bacterial product for baby’s toys and goods.
  • Looking for a sanitizer that doesn't cause any rough skin on hands.
  • Looking to remove the smell of cigarettes, toilets and pet’s toilet pads.
  • Wanting to reduce the risk of norovirus and the flu.
  • Looking for an effective sanitizer to remove toxic substances in the air.
  • Have an issue with the smell of chlorine type deodorizers.
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